Why automate?

How to get started

We are ready to hear more about your pipettes and your calibration requirements, so please reach out to us.

For the general understanding of what we and Calvolver are all about, we have learned that a demo is a good starting point – we can do this online or you are welcome to meet us here in Lyngby and have a demonstration of an automated calibration with Calvolver.

We lease Calvolver to you, so no CAPEX/investments are needed from your side. Techvolver has ownership of the equipment and we take the responsibility constant state of calibration control.

We also guarantee that Calvolver is operational – you do not pay, if pipettes are not  calibrated.

In terms of contracts, we can offer you the opportunity to make a ‘stop or continue decision’ after 6 months. This means a short initial binding period, which allows you to go back to existing calibration process, if you are not satisfied with our cooperation.