Calvolver - Pipette calibration made easy

Watch the video and get the feeling of Calvolver, our automated solution for automated pipette calibration. Let us take responsibility for your calibration, so you can focus on your work.

100% Data Integrity with Calvolver

Learn how you can improve you data integrity with Calvolver, our automated solution for pipette calibration. Calvolver provides strong, measurable results and helps laboratories comply with the increased quality and traceability demands in life science.

Improved EHS with Calvolver

Approximately 30% lab technicians, who use handheld pipettes frequently, experience pain weekly as a consequence of their work. That’s why we propose to eliminate EHS-risks by changing to automated pipette calibration.

Automated Pipette Calibration 1-2-3

Watch the video and see how easy it is to calibrate pipettes with Calvolver – our solution for automated pipette calibration. Place pipettes – press start – go back to work!

Calvolver - robot calibration step-by-step

In this video, you will see what happens inside the four walls of the cabinet and get a better understanding of our automated pipette calibration solution. Calvolver performs the calibration in the same way as a human being would and complies with customer SOPs, GMP and other relevant requirements. Balances and sensors are calibrated according to requirements to ensure a state of control.

Techvolver and our vision

Learn about Techvolver and our vision to take the hassle out of pipette calibration. In a few years pipette calibration will be automated and fully digitized, and no customers would ever dream of going back to the old, manual calibration! Pipette calibration will be a fully integrated activity that no one needs to think about