Automated pipette calibration

The on-site, accredited pipette calibration service reduces cost, increase accuracy and improve productivity. It is flexible, works 24/7 365 and handles all handheld pipette types.

The challenge of handheld pipette calibration

Laboratories globally face three challenges. They must improve efficiency, minimize errors and increase accuracy. We are here to solve the challenges. Our automated pipette calibration service delivers immediate bottom-line impact, improves work-life for employees and increases accuracy and flexibility instantly.

Automation of pipette handling reduces the EHS issues seen in most laboratories. The Techvolver pipette calibration solution relieves employees of repetitive, wearing work procedures and saves time. The on-site calibration solution also delivers a competitive edge giving improved options for production planning.

Societal and regulatory demand for accuracy, transparency and data insights increases constantly to safeguard consumers. Our automated on-site service improves data access and usage and improves accuracy by 400 % compared to human handling.

Improved work environment

The on-site pipette calibration service improves work life. It removes repetitive routines and ensures flexible calibration of all handheld pipettes. It helps us avoid musculoskeletal disorders, reduce contact with hazardous fluids and improves the quality of the work.