We offer Calvolver

Automated Pipette Calibration

We offer overnight automated pipette calibration in your laboratory. Start Calvolver in the late afternoon, the pipettes are calibrated during the night and can be ready for use the following morning. A quick and easy workflow.

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Improved EHS

Straining of fingers, hands and related to manual calibration is eliminated

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Data integrity

No manual data handling needed. Total data integrity is possible

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Cost savings up to 40%

You can reduce your pipette calibration cost considerably depending on how many pipettes you have and your calibration requirements

How do we help you?

In-house calibration. We install Calvolver in your laboratory – all you need to do is to place the pipettes on a rack, press ‘START’ and pick-up the pipettes and data after calibration.

Customized service. Calvolver is a flexible solution that can calibrate all types of pipettes according to your quality requirements.

Automatic data transfer. All data are at your fingertips and can be transferred to your LIMS or QC systems – no manual data handling needed.

The hassle of manual pipette calibration

Costly. Usually, manual pipette calibration is done by your own laboratory technicians or handled by an external calibration service provider. Either way it is associated with a cost.

Poor work environment. Manual pipette calibration is characterized by numerous, repetitive finger/hand movements and is notoriously associated with injuries and poor working conditions.

Manual processes. Both handling pipettes and processing the data introduce a risk of human error.

Time-consuming. Manual calibration takes time: planning, registration, packing and shipping, and when pipettes are returned: unpacking and manual handling of calibration results. Not to mention that pipettes are away from the lab for about 7 days.

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