We work in the cross section between

humans and technology

where we develop automated and intelligent IoT solutions for handheld pipettes.


Reduce pipetting costs by 35%

Improve efficiency by up to 80%

400% more precise than human handling

Traditional manual pipetting

  • 1/3 of laboratory technicians experience pain weekly
  • 70% of pipette failures occur either without any warning or due to manual handling
  • Manual handling does not allow data collection
  • No access to all relevant information affecting pipette performance
  • This all adds to accumulated uncertainties causes higher non conformity cost and less efficiency than necessary


  • Is a collaborative robot solution
  • Calvolver automates handling of your pipette portfolio transforming it into an intelligent and efficient ecosystem
  • Operates all types of handheld pipettes
  • CalVolver creates value in your daily pipetting operation as well as in pipette verification and calibration
  • Your pipettes are available on demand
  • You can optimize pipette activities
  • You minimize strain on lab technicians
  • You can improve pipetting quality

Electronic pipette interface

Automated handling of electronic pipettes, for example – eLINE and Picus.

Manual pipette inferface

Automated handling of manual pipettes, for example – mLine and Tacta.


Additional information

Jakob F. Skjærlund

Mobile:  +45 29931670

E-mail:   info@techvolver.com


Elektrovej 331

2800 Kongens Lyngby