Our solution

What is Calvolver?

Our solution – Calvolver – is a cabinet placed in your laboratory like any lab-equipment. Inside the cabinet, the pipette is handled by a robot-arm.

The solution contains equipment such as precision balances, thermometers, sensors, and cameras to handle the pipette according to your calibration scheme.

 In the end, the exact content in the cabinet depends on your requirements.

How to use Calvolver

You place a number of pipettes in  the cabinet, press start and go back to work.
  1. For each pipette, the calibration specifications are automatically imported from your server or other data transfer solution and matched with the individual pipette.

  2. The first pipette is picked up, volume is set, priming/prewetting, water aspiration & dispensing.

  3. Environmental data on water temperature, air humidity etc. are logged.

  4. Weight measurements are generated and once completed, the pipette status is digitally updated in the LIMS, or in a format defi ned by you.

Pipettes can now be picked up and released for use.  In case of calibration error or inability to meet requirements, the individual pipette can be identified.