Why automate?

Use our business case calculator

When you a ready to look into the financials, try our excel-based business case calculator and get a quick overview of your savings.

  • Estimate how many pipettes you have
  • Your calibration frequency
  • Your current calibration cost per pipette. If external it should be available. If you calibrate yourselves: use you internal man-hour rate


When you have the full picture of your direct pipettes calibration cost, next step is to identify and include the hidden costs related to manual calibration. Many of these will be eliminated with automation and should therefore be in the business case – if not in numbers, at least they should be part of your overall evaluation.

A few examples: will you save costs related to straining of hands/arms? how much is 100% data integrity worth? Your pipette down-time is reduced to maybe one day – how does this affect you buttom-line?

Download our calculator and see your potential savings

Simply overwrite the data in the blue cells with your own and get a quick overview