About us

Our core values

We explore

We are always learning. We embrace ideas, collect insights, and explore new ways of using existing technologies for the automation of tedious, repetitive laboratory tasks.

Value and relevance.

We simplify

We insist on making life easier for everybody involved in pipette calibration. From a complex, specialized bottleneck creating event, we transform calibration into an overnight routine, that no one really thinks about.

Press ‘start’ and calibrate your pipettes.

We change

We believe that change is needed when human beings are unnecessarily burdened. With our customers we share the responsibility to automate and achieve targets. We bring change and disruption based on high people involvement and good technology.

One step at a time – no spaceships!

We specify

We meet the documentation requirements in life science. We meet specific customer needs, regulations and deliver a safe and simple solution.

We install, validate and train – you approve!