Our solution

What is Calvolver?

Our solution – Calvolver – is a cabinet placed in your laboratory like any lab-equipment. Inside the cabinet, the pipette is handled by a robot-arm from Universal Robots.

The pipette is calibrated in the exact same way that a lab technician would do it manually today. This is ensued by following customer SOPs, GMP guidelines and other relevant requirements. Furthermore, the equipment is CE-certified and complies with all relevant ISO-standards. Scales and sensors are calibrated by accredited institutes and comply with SOPs.

What does our service include?

Calvolver is a service solution, so there are no investments (no CAPEX) needed from your side.

You will rent Calvolver and pay a monthly fee covering

  1. Delivery and installation of the cabinet
  2. Qualification
  3. Service
  4. Support

Together we will sign a frame agreement, a rental agreement, and a quality agreement.

Monthly service visits & support
We will conduct a monthly service visit, ensuring maintenance and that your Calvolver is operational and stays in a state of control. Additionally, we will have a 4-hour response time, if you need our presence, but you can call us anytime. If problems should occur and Calvolver is not up and running within 24 hours, you do not pay.


NOTE: Our solution will handle both manual and electronic single- and multichannel pipettes. In the event that you present us with a pipette model, for which we do not have a ‘tool/interface’ we will develop a new one and include the development costs in the fee.



The calibration process

Calvolver is programmed to perform the calibration in the same way as a human being would do it and according to your requirements.

The solution contains all the well-known calibration equipment such as a precision balance and thermometer, but with the addition of a robot-arm, a tip-change system, and cameras to identify the pipette ID and adjust the volume on the pipette according to your calibration scheme. In the end, the exact content in the cabinet depends on your requirements.

The flow is the following:

  1. You place 1 to 8 (or more) pipettes in a rack in the cabinet
  2. You press start and go back to work
  3. All pipettes are identified, and the system calculates the optimal order
  4. For each pipette, the system finds your updated info on which mode and volumes to run
  5. The first pipette is picked up, volume is set, priming/prewetting, water aspiration & dispensing
  6. Environmental data – i.e., water temperature, air humidity etc. – are logged
  7. Weight measurements are generated and delivered in form of a certificate or raw excel data


Automated Pipette Calibration with Calvolver

Watch the full calibration process here

Cost savings – how to build your business case

Handing over the responsibility of your pipette calibration to Calvolver can be a big decision and an important step.

When digging into the financials, the first thing to establish is that there is no investment needed from your side. You simply rent Calvolver from us, meaning that the risk is minimal, if somewhere along the way you decide to stop using Calvolver. You can always go back to having your pipettes calibrated the way you used to.

A good way to start building your business case is to get an overview of your pipettes and how often they need calibration. Then you should identify your current costs of calibration. If the calibration is performed by an external supplier, prices should be available. If you carry out the calibration yourselves, you may have to estimate the total yearly time consumption and calculate an internal cost per hour, unless you already have one.

When you have the full picture of your actual, direct pipette calibration costs, next step is to identify and include hidden costs related to manual calibration. Also remember the potential, and sometimes indirect gains that you will enjoy with automated calibration.

Look here for inspiration:

Pipette calibration non-conformities

  • Research results that are declared invalid and work that must be carried out again
  • Product withdrawal from the market

With Calvolver you improve the quality of the calibration itself and in parallel with an increased number of calibrations per year, you will reduce the negative consequences of deviations considerably.

Costs related to manual handling

  • Time spent on manual registration and related human errors
  • Time spent on after clearance control
  • Data tampering

With Calvolver you can have 100% data integrity → no human involvement nor access

EHS risk – poor physical work conditions

  • Tedious, repetitive work → leading to strain, injuries, stress
  • Sick leave and rehabilitation
  • Less job satisfaction

With Calvolver all EHS risks related to calibration are eliminated.

Costs related to pipette “down time”

  • When pipettes are calibrated externally, you must do without them for maybe 5-8 days
  • This means that you may have extra pipettes, so that your workflow is not put on hold and to avoid bottlenecks

With Calvolver you do not need extra pipettes due to overnight calibration.

Process complexity and planning

  • It takes time to track and plan pipette calibration efficiently and according to your SOP.

With Calvolver many steps in your planning will become obsolete due to 24/7 flexibility and large capacity.

Overview & data analysis

What is the cost of not having access to accumulated data about your pipettes in a structured way?

You miss out on making data-based decisions on some issues around pipette calibration

    • Which pipettes perform badly?
    • Expected time for service
    • Optimal inventory of pipettes

….so, you may lose out on some optimization and cost saving opportunities.

Download our Excel-based ‘Business Case Calculator’ below.
Simply overwrite the data in the blue cells with your own and get a quick overview.

Calvolver Business Case Calculator

An easy tool for creating a quick overview

Download and calculate now

Technical data & instruction for use

Technical Information:

Cabinet Size:
Width  150 cm
Depth 120 cm
Height 200 cm

approx. 200 Kgs

Power supply:
230 V AC, Grounded

Noise level:
< 70 dB
Normally lower noise level that lab ventilation systems

Calvolver will be delivered to you in 2 halves of H200 x W150 x D60 cm. So, it generally passes through normal doorways.

Room requirements:
Ordinary lab environment:

  • Solid foundation/floor → our balances are very precise and sensitive, so any movement of the floor can cause non-acceptable measurement results
  • Minimum space requirements are 1,5 x 2,5 meters, and preferably more. than 2 meters in height.
  • We recommend a room temperature between 15 – 25 ᵒ C and a normal air humidity between 25-65 %.

More specific requirements may be enforced depending on individual customer calibration process specifications.


Pipette & data handling:

Pipette handling:
The robot arm
– E.g.: Universal Robots UR3e.
The UR3e is a collaborative robot, also called a “Cobot”, that is made specifically to work safely with and around humans.

Precision Balances – 5 & 6 digit, e.g.: Sartorius

Sensors – Water thermometer, e.g.: Testo

Vision – system / camera, e.g.: Festo

  1. For reading the pipette display when adjusting volume
  2. For reading a data matrix to identify the pipettes

Pipette tip change system

Rack for interfaces/tools

A tool for each pipette model/family

Rack for pipettes – Capacity depends on customer need, e.g., 4 or 8 spaces in the rack

Data handling:
Pipette calibration specifications are automatically imported from the integrated LIMS and matched with the individual pipette.

Once the calibration is completed, the pipette status digitally updates in the LIMS or other system.


Safety & Instructions for use

CE certification:
Calvolver complies with relevant requirements in the following standards:

ISO 9001-2015     Quality Management
ISO 8655-2002     Pipettes with piston
ISO 17025-2017   Calibration laboratories
ISO 10218-2012   Robotic systems
ISO 20607-2019   User instructions

Instruction for use:
To ensure safe and correct operation of Calvolver the following will be provided by Techvolver in English and local language:

  • Obligatory training and certification of customer employees
  • User Instruction
  • User Manual