About Techvolver

Our mission and vision

We automate to improve worklife

We utilize existing technology to automate laboratories in life science and healthcare to eliminate health issues caused by repetitive work and hazardous fluids. Understanding the need for sustained growth, we improve work-life while improving the bottom line for business.

Our vision is broad and human-centered enabling and urging us to broaden and expand our products and services. We are driven to search for automation solutions whenever we see a need to improve work-life and help ensure decent work, sustained economic growth and responsible production. Data prove that for many people, work-life is causing injuries and pain due to repetitive work. We exist to change that.

Our values

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We simplify

Based on knowledge, insight and existing technology, we simplify workflow processes and increase efficiency, precision and data collection while lowering costs.

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We explore

We always learn. We embrace ideas and collect insights. We work on the principle ‘fail fast and learn’. We explore the usage of technologies to secure decent, safe work and increase precision and repeatability.

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We change

We embrace change and explore how automation can improve work-life and lead to sustained growth. We take one step at a time maximizing the potential of existing technologies to remove repetitive work injuries and increase job satisfaction.

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We specify

Based on harvesting of data and collecting user insights, we deliver solutions that are precise, specific and validated. We meet the documentation needs necessary in life science.